Investment Manager

Investment Management

Professional guidance is beneficial when managing any investments. Osprey Financial can help you with your investment portfolio in many ways.

We are a Fiduciary Financial Advisor

Many people don’t know the difference between a fiduciary and a non-fiduciary financial advisor. A fiduciary advisor is held to an oath to keep their individual clients’ best interests in mind. A non-fiduciary financial advisor is not held to an oath and has the right to make suggestions to clients that are only “suitable” to their financial profile.

For example, a fiduciary is required to make suggestions based on factors like your family, career, and financial goals. A non-fiduciary can make suggestions that help their bottom line more than your best interests.

Custom Built Portfolios

Every financial profile is unique to each individual. There are many factors such as age, family, career, retirement goals, etc. - that could cause one investment portfolio to differ from another. As a result, Osprey Financial will build custom portfolios to suit your needs and goals.

Independent and Objective Advice

As a fiduciary, we have gratefully accepted a duty to look out for our client’s best interests. Our advice is independent and objective of any outside influences. The advice you receive will be based on your best interests and no conflicting factors.

Risk Management

The most significant advantage of working with a financial advisor is assessing the risks taken in your portfolio. It is challenging for amateur investors to manage their risks. A financial advisor like Osprey Financial can closely evaluate your portfolio to see how much risk you can take with your investments while keeping your profile and future in mind.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Life can change in many ways over the lifespan of your investment portfolio. As a result, rebalancing your investments may be necessary to adjust to these changes. These changes can happen in your personal life or the stock market itself. Regardless of the cause of change, work with Osprey Financial so you can be assured that your portfolio is appropriately balanced for any situation.

Osprey Financial has helped many individuals professionally manage their investment portfolios. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.